The Warner Bros. Media Lab, created by the Warner Bros. Media Research & Insights department, is a state-of-the-art emerging media testing facility.  Warner Bros. Entertainment is an industry-leading creator, producer and distributor of content across a wide spectrum of platforms.  In order to foster the company’s continued growth as a progressive supplier of engaging content, Warner Bros. Media Research & Insights considers the construction of the Media Lab an essential instrument in understanding consumer behavior.

This on-site facility will provide insight into how consumers engage content and enable “hands-on” testing with cutting-edge consumer electronic devices and distribution platforms.  Clearly, our industry is experiencing rapid change, and technology is empowering consumers to control where, when and how they enjoy content.

The Warner Bros. Media Lab will obtain consumer opinion to provide insights to inform content creators and management.  The lab will also enable studio management to witness how this insight drives consumer engagement, adoption and satisfaction with our varied brands.


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